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Biznis Cards - Saving You Time & Money

As an Administrator, how much time do you spend each month dealing with "the little jobs" like ordering business cards? Probably more than you realise.

The fact is, it may often take over an hour of your time to order a simple set of business cards from your local printer, but with Biznis Cards it takes less than a minute.


Thats right, an hour: that's how long it takes to fill out the order form, to fax it to the printer, to check the proofs and make the corrections (often days later), then to check the revised proofs and to confirm the order. Surely there's a quicker way?

And just stop to think for a minute... how many sets of business cards do you order each month? Ten? Twenty? More? Even if it's just ten a month, that's 10 whole hours you spend filling out order forms and chasing up proofs. That's a day and a half every single month. What a waste!

Eliminate the hidden costs behind your print orders

Whatever your company pays for printed stationery, they can add at least an hour of your time to the cost of the order. It's a fact. In addition to that, a large part of the costs you pay to your printer is to cover their own admin time: it costs them money to process each order and to typeset each job. And who pays for that? You do, of course!

Biznis Cards saves you time and money

Biznis Cards create self-typesetting templates for each of your printed stationery items so that every print job we process conforms exactly to your corporate ID specifications. The results are 100% accurate every time: just enter your name and phone number to get an instant proof on-screen. Then select your despatch address and you're done. It couldn't be simpler.

The entire order process takes no more than a minute from start to finish, saving you both time and money. And because the system is packed full of time-saving & cost-reducing features (like order-tracking, multiple authorization levels and instant online proofs), it reduces your admin time to a minimum and provides you with full online print management.

We take the hassle out of ordering print.

The Biznis Cards online print system is fast, accurate and cost-effective, so it is perhaps little wonder that our client list includes some of the largest companies in the world, or that we offer licensing to other printers so they can use the system with their own clients.

Check out our Live Demonstration to get a flavour of how we can streamline your print buying, or contact us for further information about setting up your account.