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If you enjoy wine, and you're not already aware of online wine clubs then they are definitely worth checking out. Online wine clubs provide activities, communities and opportunities for wine enthusiasts to get together over the internet, discuss wine and share tips and hints. These clubs, or wine social networks also organise wine tasting events and meetings. Their ultimate purpose is not only to provide a social service but also for a convenient, cheap way to buy wine. Shopping for wine online is more convenient and less exhorting than lugging bottles around a shop and there is often more selection, better value, large discounts and rare types of wine which it is unlikely you would find at shops in your local vicinity. Current offers from online wine clubs include, 40% discounts on first purchases, 50% discount vouchers when signing up to a club, 20% savings on quarterly crates, half price introductory cases of wine and free access to events and expert advice.

The sense of community created within an online wine club is great; you can make a unique user profile and chat online in groups with fellow enthusiasts. This is often the best way to find out information about the products that the wine clubs are offering. Fellow customers will give you information and reviews about the products they have sampled. For example the newest group on is "sparkling Shiraz fans" - so you can really get into your speciality wines.

Online wine clubs also arrange actual meetings for their customers, including store tours, vineyard tours, wine tasting and wine focused dinners. Websites such as the Australian and New Zealand wine social network BoozeMonkey also organise free local wine tastings which you can sign up for online, and online wine tastings in which you can meet the winemaker and discuss their wines. The clubs allow you to make friends, have debates and enjoy discussion with similarly enthusiastic wine lovers.

The unique ease of buying wine online comes from the information available and easy access to products. There are endless amounts of wines at your finger tips which have already been arranged for you, not only in terms of price or reds, whites and roses but by their grape, area, flavour, vintage, popularity etc. You can choose how you want to select your wine - for example if you have a penchant for Australian wines and are about to have a dinner party then you can look at a list of Australian wines, accompanied by pictures and information, read the blurbs about the wines and make a selection; or if it's summer and you are cooking fish then the site would recommend a light, crisp white wine to fit your criteria.

You can also access information about vineyards, growers and winemakers, which is great for passionate wine enthusiasts wishing to learn more about the wine they drink. Many online wine clubs provide tips on getting the right wine, what to look for in their products and how to determine the right wine for you. You can access all this information with a few clicks, and research whilst you buy so you're always sure about the products you purchase - much more helpful than any shop assistant! Online wine clubs are informative and easy to use - making time for the more important things, such as sampling the wine you have purchased!