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Printing Companies

Biznis Cards provides you with a sophisticated print procurement tool and all the necessary technical support to enable your customers to purchase their business stationery from you online. We'll even customise the look and feel of the site to look like a part of your own website.

The system enforces corporate identity rules using predefined templates and eliminates typesetting errors, typically the result of semi-legible hand-writing on fax transmissions.

Your customers place their orders online and proofread the results in real-time. As soon as the order is confirmed, you immediately get the ready-to-print artwork files and a job bag with all the details. Just imagine - no more faxes and phone calls from "I'm sorry I've left it till the last minute" customers! And that frees up more of your time to deal with printing the orders and chasing new business.

Print Managers / Print Brokers

Biznis Cards can meet your all customers' expectations, protect their corporate ID and deal with your print procurement requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our unique system provides you with an online print procurement tool which can be configured for the individual needs of each of your customers, no matter how complex their requirements. We also provide online reports to track orders and spending at the click of a button.


Biznis Cards offers total brand control through web-based solutions, preserving the Corporate ID on all stationery.

Use the Biznis Cards system to test the application of design changes, allowing end user data to be applied instantly to new designs to ensure that they work as intended.

The system provides the perfect tool to assist in design planning, as it can be used to produce accurate proofs before the the new design is rolled out by the company.